DC Comics Slots

The DC Comic’s slate is getting bigger each month with the introduction of new titles. There are some major players in the comic book world and they are trying to battle each other for the attention of their audience. This has lead to some of the most amazing stories that have ever been told on this medium. Some of these DC comics Slots include: Gotham City: The Gotham Files, Vendetta, Batman: The Widening Edge, The Dark Knight, Superman: Unbound, No Man’s Land, and Justice League: Gods and Men. These are only a few of the amazing series that will be coming out soon.

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The DC Universe is getting some major attention with the New 52. This new version of the comic book world is taking all of the old myths and legends and transforming them into completely new stories. This allows DC Comics to give their readers some originality and a story that no one has ever thought of before. The success of the New 52 has allowed DC Entertainment to develop some of their own characters including the super villain Dark Knight, which is written by Tom King and illustrated by Bob Kane. With the success of the New 52, it allows the readers to have a clearer vision of what the future of DC will look like. It will be interesting to see where they take DC in the future.

With all of the above said, there is no doubt that DC comics is the best place for any fan to begin reading their comics. There are a lot of quality books out there and they make it easy for a person to jump in and start reading right away. There are also a lot of issues that need to be read in order to keep up with the changing times of DC. Reading the comic books is an important part of DC’s history. It started with Detective comics and has come a long way. So, if you are a fan of comic books, then you owe it to yourself to start reading the best DC comics that are out there today.