Bringing authentic Nepali cuisines from the heart of Kathmandu to the Bay Area!  

The delicious journey of Momolicious began in 2017, when two friends Anup Bajracharya and Sudeep Khatiwada got together to introduce the taste of authentic Nepali cuisines to the foodie heart of San Fransisco and the Bay Area.

Our Tasty Origins  

While we were growing up in Nepal, we didnt really give much thought to the delicious meals cooked by our parents everyday. When we moved to the United States, we finally realized it was quite a big deal and a privilege. Like many of our friends in the US, we now sorely missed the homecooked meals.

To stay closer to our tasty origins, Anup started a food channel on YouTube. Through AnupKitchen, he wanted to help preserve and share the knowledge of Nepalese cuisines with people around him. Anups channel became an instant hit among the Nepali community across the world. This passion for food and cooking turned out to be the first step towards his entry in the food industry. Sudeep also has passion in cooking and exploring different cuisines.

When we first thought of starting a food truck, the delicious flavors of Nepal and its cuisines were missing from the Bay Area, where one can get cuisines of almost every country. Being on wheels, we hoped to reach out to every corner of the Bay Area and let people discover and fall in love with Nepal and its cuisines. Over the slow and steady flame of love and patience, after a year and half of hard work and dedication, our dream of starting Momolicious became a reality. 

MOMO, the mosteaten dish in Nepal was the obvious path we chose to start with. We serve 4 different types of Momo, chicken curry, and chowmein. Momo is very different from Chinese dumplings, potstickers or Japanese gyoza. Our momo gets flavor from various healthy spices like cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, and many more. We make our own spice mix which makes our momo stand out from the rest. You have to taste it to believe it! 

Today we are proud to be the only Nepalese food truck in the cosmopolitan heart of Bay Area serving a wide variety of Momo. Our goal is to introduce and popularize the authentic taste of Nepal to everyone living in the Bay Area!  

– Anup & Sudeep

Anup is a Hospitality & Tourism Management graduate, and Sudeep is a Kinesiology graduate from San Francisco State University.